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Food Processing
Low-temperature control is important for producing fresh cut fruits and juice. We have separate cold rooms to store our raw materials and finished products which keep the temperature between 0°C – 5°C. Also, we always keep below 12°C for the whole processing and packing area. Besides temperature control, we always concern hygiene and food safety, we requested staff to wear individual protective equipment, such as mask, hairnet, etc. Also, we set up in-house laboratory to make a day-to-day micro-bio test and product quality check.

Recently, we cooperated with HKPC to develop cold pasteurization technique, this technique helps to prolong the products shelf life importantly and enhance food safety. In addition, this project received three medals at SVIIF, including Gold Medal with the Congratulations of the Jury; Gold Medal from Beijing Online Invention; and China Association of Inventions (CAI) Award – Invention & Innovation.