Getting produce from the farm to customers as fresh and efficiently as possible is a complex process.

It involves a number of teams and processes working together in unison to ensure produce is stored, packed, labelled and delivered at the right time at the quality levels our customers demand. Let’s see how Good View Fruit adds value at various stages of the journey.

Ripening – our experienced team will manipulate temperature, ethylene concentration and carbon oxide levels to ensure all fruit is conditioned to meet your requirements.

Our ripening rooms are individually set, accessible via our on-line management systems, monitored 24/7 and supported with an automatic alarm system should any temperatures deviate from the pre-established range.

Pre-packing – delivers highly flexible packaging solutions to our valued customers. We pack a range of bulk items on request into trays, bags, crates or cartons. Our operations in constant high demand, and we continue to produce consistent, quality assured units in both netting and flowing wrapping options.

Sorting & Re-packing – upon our clients’ request, we provide added value activities including sorting, packaging and private labeling services for their products, starting from all the standard types such as netting, punneting, up to the most modern and innovative solutions for end consumers.